5 must have apps for entrepreneurs


So you’ve set up shop and are ready to blaze the trail. Your “shop” for most is mobile and as an entrepreneur you’re always on the go and need to stay connected with your work. But how do you keep connected to that information that is going to keep you running. Here are 5 useful apps to keep close to your thumbs.

1. Mailchimp
Why don’t you email all of your contacts from your mailbox and let them know about the special you’re running; better yet you should email them every 2 weeks. Sounds like a lot of remembering to do and layout skills. Meet Mailchimp, your handy email campaign tool. Mailchimp is free up to a certain number of email blasts and also list size but if you are now starting out it’s sure any easy way to send out relevant information and get back real-time statistics. It has some nice templates and analytics that will allow you to drill down in detail and keep your clients connected with your regular company updates.

2. FullContact Card Reader
Attending mixers, cocktail parties and workshops you are sure to meet several new people. The first thing you are likely to do is introduce yourself and give them a business card and vice versa. Now that you have all these cards what is the next best thing to do but to get the information into your database. FullContact Card Reader takes the hassle out of the manual work. Simply take a picture of the card and its built-in OCR(Optical Character Recognition) does the rest. You can sync the information with your Gmail account or on your backend in particular with Salesforce which can definitely help you achieve meeting those sales quotas and engaging new prospects.

3. TripIt
Part of your business expenses involves travelling, whose doesn’t. You do an average amount of it but you need to make sure your itinerary is all orgainsed. TripIt is a nifty app where you forward your booking confirmation to them and they build out your itinerary and alert you when it’s time to be at the airport so you can never be late. Also rest assured that you can share your travel information with co-workers and friends to keep them in the loop.

4. Docs to Go
So you’re on the road, left your laptop in your other bag and have an important sales presentation to do. All you have is your smartphone and well a fully charged battery. First answer is YES it can be done. With Docs to Go you have the freedom of viewing and editing Microsoft® Office and Adobe PDF® files. You can do multiple file saves and even backup to your cloud with the assurance that when you open the file on a computer it will read as it was meant to be. Hurray, you aced the presentation! Best of all it’s free and comes preloaded on most smartphones. If you don’t have it, go to your app store and grab it.

5. Wunderlist
Always wanted to know what it’s like to have more than two hands, check out Wunderlist the all in one to do list app. Running a business solo is never easy and you need to be able to delegate and keep track of your priorities. Wunderlist allows you to manage and share your daily to-do lists, create subtasks, assign tasks with other users for better collaboration. Meaning you keep everything and everyone in sync. A beautiful app for the mulitaskers out there.

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