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Let’s face it, sometimes the original name of our business turns out not to be the best name for our business. Changing the name of a company isn’t uncommon and there are many reasons that would warrant this. Getting your rebrand right is important for your company’s perception. A great rebrand will create lots of goodwill while a lackluster rebrand will create confusion and distrust.

Here are five steps to guide you while changing the name of your company.

#1 Clarify the rebrand

Before you rush to do anything, take time to plan what your rebrand will look like. What is the new company name? What colors do you want to use? Will you update your tagline?

Taking time to plan your rebrand and not plow through it will pay off in the long run. You don’t want to rebrand every few months. This new name, color scheme and tag line is meant to live on for years. Give the weight of that decision the time it deserves.

#2 Update your logo and tagline

Once you’ve decided on your change, communicate your vision for your brand to a graphic artist in order to design your logo. Remember that your logo should be in multiple formats including color, black and white on opposing backdrops, and a thumbnail version.

Using aspects that resemble your previous logo like font style or color theme helps your customers make the connection between your now and then brand name.

You may also decide to update your tagline. If so, what will it be and what style would you like it to be in contrast to your logo? Communicate this guidance to your graphic artist clearly so you’re satisfied with the outcome.

#3 Update your domain, website and any other collateral

Now that you’ve created the look and feel for your uplifted brand, it’s time to put these changes into effect. More important than your calling card is your domain. Ensure your domain is available and purchase it as soon as possible. Your website will need to be updated with your revised logo and pointed to your new domain. Also, update anywhere your brand lives on the internet like Google search.

Any other collateral that displays your brand name needs to be refreshed as well. This includes business cards, flyers, and brochures. It’s tempting to wait until you absolutely have to spend money to change these things but it’s tacky and will confuse your customers.

#4 Update all social media links

Your social media links may be where you are best known and these handles have become extremely important in representing your brand. Update your social media handles starting with the most important channel first. You may need to shorten or adjust your new name based on what is available however, try to stay as consistent as possible across social platforms.

This is also a good opportunity to reserve your brand name in platforms you’re not yet active in.

#5 Plan the launch of your rebrand

Planning your launch is a critical step in rebranding your business. Now that you’ve done all the work behind the scenes, it’s time to let the world know your new name. Decide when and how you’re going to communicate your rebrand.

It’s important that you don’t continue business as usual. This is a big change and you owe your customers an explanation. Use this opportunity to highlight the mission of your company and what this change of name means. Your rebrand is something people will talk about and, if done well, creates goodwill for your company.


Sacha Austin is a published author, blogger, life coach and trained speaker. Sacha helps entrepreneurs activate their potential so they can monetize their talent. Check out her work at www.sachaaustin.co

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