Being a Boss at Fitness- Part 1


By Janelle Chase-Mayers

Like a Boss, Machel talks about how he is a professional in his sport of feting, and like Machel we all aspire to be a boss, a leader, a motivator, bettering you in the field of your personal fitness journey.

Sure he has a great team around him, awesome musicians, back up dancers, sound engineers and adoring fans, but at the end of the day his talent and his prowess is MACHEL.

How are you the boss of your own fitness journey?  Recognising that we come from cultivated perceptions from the society we live in, the family of origin, the fitness professional and the medical professional. How are you the boss of your approach to health and wellness and it’s implication for a better lifestyle and greatly improved interpersonal relationships? Are we truly are our own CEOs of our bodies or are we employees of the fitness trade?

Let’s look at how we can become CEOs of our fitness journey in this article.


The Finances

As you enter into any business model, the thing that keeps you abreast or afloat is the concept of being financially prudent. So in fitness, we begin to look at what are the wise decisions for you to make in order to sustain your fitness journey. Many times people often spend too much or spend too little in order to get the best results in their quest to be the fittest man or fittest woman, or even just to get “fit”. So what’s your business plan? How much are you spending on clothing, gym memberships, and personal trainers? Are these things beneficial to your overall golas? I know I ask a lot of questions. That’s because it’s important to start seeing the systemic value of this journey and connecting the dots that could inherently propel you to that status of truly being a boss.

If I decide to spend $2000 yearly membership and then $1000 for apparel and another $500 plus for personal training, am I getting value for money, or paying money for results?


The Human Relations

So I alluded to the place to do your fitness earlier, maybe you don’t go to a gym and instead you attend a fitness studio, a CrossFit Box or have mobile fitness trainer or you train at home.  Wherever you are at this moment, as CEO of your fitness empire, you need to search to see if the people in your space are a great fit for your goals, your income, your profit, your empire.  In my journey as a coach, I have come across many people who have just been following people’s perception of fitness rather than educating themselves about what it is they are actually partaking in. In the true sense of CEO, this person knows what they want, and how to get it and if they are not sure, they tap into several resources to get their desired outcome. Let’s start doing the same for our fitness. Expand our worlds a bit more and look at new and exciting ways to move and to get healthier.  Question time again….  Am I confident that the person who I am using as my fitness resource is open to learning more? Is the training environment inspiring? Who else in my circle can benefit from my choices of fitness?

Whatever your answers are, it’s time to get more honest with how your human relations department can contribute to your wealth in your fitness journey.


Janelle Chase- Mayers is the owner of CrossFit 246 and also a family therapist at the Verdun House.  Email:


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