Being a Boss at Fitness- Part 2


I shared with you in Issue 4 the importance in being a boss of your finances and human relations.  In Part 2, we will look at technology and operations.


Technology and Equipment

In any area in the world of work, having the most expensive equipment will not set you apart from the masses and thus it will not set you apart in your fitness experience. Often times, before people ever step into a fitness facility, they have the most current shoes, clothes all designed to make them move faster and look better. You’ve read up, and saw it best to put your venture capital in this area. But your reading had no consultation, none with the human resources and the financial officer of your company. Yes you are the boss, so make some wise decisions. Start by asking yourself on choosing the tools to achieve your goals.  “Will I actually use the equipment? Have I done my homework and researched the items, for their use, cost and storage capacity. If you are anything like me, there is no cramping of equipment. It must have room, to be stored and room to be used. Like a true CEO, there is a continuing education plot in your fitness world and if you are not aware, your support systems should be in place to assist in your long term goal.

Do I know how to use the equipment? In a shift in the fitness world, functional movements, tools such as plyometric boxes, kettlebells, pull up bars, rowing machines, medballs are more budget friendly and can yield faster results, than your traditional set up of treadmills and gym weights.  If these words seem foreign to you, it’s time to utilise the technology that is now available. The CEO, the HR Manager, The Financial Officer all can access the same work by using search engines. My suggestion is to continue building your empire by using creditable sources, many new fitness trends have peer review journals, fitness apps, or fitness professionals that could shed some light on how to use your tools for success whatever you have chosen.



The process of running a business, the managing of the daily operations, the procedures involved to have safe and efficient working experience. This is paramount in your fitness world. How do you begin to balance your life to suit the present needs? What’s your mission statement? What’s the balance associated with all the areas in your company that would determine success? I’ve had the honour to be part of many fitness journeys and one thing that is consistent in those who are successful (achieving the goals they set) is that they can execute their operational procedures.  They systemically combine the other areas of finance, human resources, equipment and technology in a way that supports their overall goal in being that Machel Montano, that Boss. From sun up to sun down, their life is in tune.  How they train, what they use, their nutrition, their mental health, all being utilised to yield the best results. So as you continue on the fitness journey, examine what areas can assist as you strive to be the BEST CEO of your life.

Janelle Chase- Mayers is the owner of CrossFit 246 and also a family therapist at the Verdun House.  Email:

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