Retrenched Workers – Its Not The End of The Road by N.L. Bowen


In these trying economic times, many employers are using cost cutting measures in order to remain economically viable. As a last resort they are retrenching many workers, and during this period the Barbados government, the country’s largest single employer is leading the way in this mass exercise. The jobs of over 3,000 civil servants have been eliminated and many of those affected were left pondering their next move regarding their future financial stability.

On becoming unemployed it is natural to peruse newspapers and online job sites for vacancies advertised. It is also natural to submit many job applications and wait anxiously to receive a response with the words “you are hired”. However, it is not realistic to expect to be hired immediately, in fact it may take longer than anticipated.

Nevertheless, it is not the end of the road for the unemployed. Individuals should therefore ask themselves these questions before considering the following options:

  1. Should I work again for others?
  2. Should I work for myself?
  3. Do I want to generate an income by working for someone, while working part-time for myself?
  4. Do I want a career change, or should I rely on my existing skills or qualifications when seeking a new job?

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Up to the Time by Folayan Taitt


In Barbados there is an expression “Tekking time ain’t lazinessRoger-Dubuis”. While this may prevent you from jumping to a hasty decision it’s not going to work when it comes to that important meeting. You will probably find greater success with the old adage “time is money”. Punctuality saves you the stress of running late and it’s just common courtesy.

With technology at the forefront of today’s society we rely heavily on electronic devices for emails, instant messages, media and the time. Who needs an alarm clock? That’s what Smartphones are for. If you need to know the time, one glance at your mobile phone or tablet provides a quick answer.

When you consider it, a watch is not necessary and there are some who don’t even own one. But for those of us who do, a wristwatch says class. Maturing meant graduating from a digital watch with a rubber strap to an elegant timepiece with character and style. With statistics showing that on average business people can attend up to 62 meetings each month a watch can go a long way to ensure that you’re up to the time.

Despite being invented over 400 years ago the wristwatch was first only popular with women. It wasn’t until 1917 that men embraced the device after they were seen on the wrists of soldiers. Today’s wristwatch runs the gamut from digital to analog, from telling us the time of day to going swimming with us, from rubber to diamond-encrusted; there are no limits to the style of watch you can sport.

Ladies watches have recently made a move from petite, feminine forms to a unisex or boyfriend style. Women can now be seen wearing larger metallic pieces with secondary dials and knobs common to men’s watches. Materials have also changed, once gold and stainless steel reigned supreme but silicone and ceramic materials have now gained popularity. Monochromatic colours are having a moment and the Swiss Swatch brand, popular in the 1990s, has made a resurgence with their fun, colour pieces.

On the other hand, two main themes can be identified in the design of men’s watches – classic analog and functional. Elegant timepieces can often be found with gold, stainless steel or leather straps. While more rugged functional styles may be presented with leather, rubber or canvas straps, suitable for braving any element. An emerging trend in the men’s department is exposed mechanisms. Showing the powerful internal working of a watch lets the wearer know he has a quality timepiece while still maintaining an air of mystery on what actually make a watch tick.

View our list below of major players in the world of watches and see how you can complement your wardrobe with one of these current trends.

Take the time to know these leading watchmakers:

  • Rolex
  • Movado
  • Audemars Piguet
  • Patek Philippe
  • Bulova
  • Tissot
  • Tag Heuer
  • Breitling
  • Omega
  • Citizen
  • Timex
  • Seiko
  • Casio
  • Swatch
  • G-Shock
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