Entrepreneurship Burden or Blessing?


















When entrepreneurship is the topic of discussion, only one side of the coin glitters -the side of self-perseverance, determination, freedom and ultimate success, whereas the darker side- the most untold- stays covered. Entrepreneurship is looked to with such grandeur for various reasons, some of which is led by the fact that it really is a positive endeavour. However, it must be considered that like all journeys, this one will have its ups and downs.

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Do Your Employees Like You?


















Your employees arrive to work. When they notice you, they make eye contact for a moment and their greetings are just as brief. “How’s the morning going?” You ask. “Fine,” they muster and that’s that. Later on, you decide to hop out your office for a coffee. As you close your door, you hear an uproar of laughter from your employees sharing their weekend stories. When they see you however, those grins turn into clenched jaws and they move to their desks in silence. In a state of self-reflection, you walk off for your coffee with the thought gnawing at you; “Do my employees even like me?” Chances are, if they’re showing any of these signs, they probably don’t and here’s why;

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Guerrilla Marketing
















When we hear the term ‘guerrilla’ the first thing that comes to mind is savage warfare. So then how can the two words ‘guerrilla’ and ‘marketing’ possibly come together to create anything good for your business? Although the word has been borrowed from the concept of civilian warfare, the only element of the meaning that was kept is the unconventional way of yielding results. Are you a small business looking for an advertising strategy that isn’t costly, yet will have customers entering your business in droves? Rest-assured that you have found your solution…that is, if you can pull it off.

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Thousands of Jobs Available for the Caribbean in 2017 – Eyes Wide Shut















Picture a place when you wake up every work morning, you are making a cup of your favourite coffee, heading to your bedroom, dining room table or perhaps your hotel room balcony while travelling. Then, you’re turning on your laptop to connect to your business colleagues in Miami, London, Jamaica or even Brazil. Your work hours are very flexible and you control your own vacation. This is the new world and it is forever changing just as emerging technology by the minute.

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Being a Parent and a Business Owner

















On the list of the most difficult shoes to walk in, being a parent and business owner is probably the first. It’s one thing to juggle multiple responsibilities; it’s another to have the painful feeling at every moment that you’re not doing enough for your family or your business. You ask yourself; why isn’t there more time in the day? Why don’t I have enough energy to do everything? At the end of it, life can feel like a constant tug-o-war and you’re the rope. But rest-assured that if these are the shoes you have to walk in everyday, not all is lost. You can follow these principles to make life easier.

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4 Career Lessons We Can Learn from Rihanna
















Bajan singing sensation Rihanna is arguably the queen of branding and reinvention. We all know the #BBHMM star is all about her coins and is a successful business powerhouse! One thing is for certain when it comes to her money this girl does not play!

Here are 4 valuable career lessons we can all learn from Rihanna:

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The Deserted Website: Why SEO is a Must!















In today’s world, having a website to compliment your business is a cornerstone of success. No longer is your marketing tied down to word of mouth or expensive advertising. Now, thousands can have access to your product by simply clicking a blue-coloured, underlined link. But what happens when you’ve created the most suave website for your customers, only for it to be a deserted wasteland? In most cases, it’s because no one can even find your website. If this is the case, chances are it’s lacking Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SEO is the thin line between having traffic entering your website, and the occasional tumbleweed blowing towards your feedback section (FYI, it’s probably spam).

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6 Killers of Creativity (and how to turn them around)















All of us need creativity to progress. And we need progress to feel happy. That means creativity is crucial for our fulfilment and our advancement. Being creative is not limited to artists and musicians. You might use creativity to develop a new business idea, create a landing page for your website, or create content for a presentation.

But what happens when you just don’t feel like being creative?

Creativity gets killed by a lot of things around us. Most of these things are within our control to change, we just need to be aware of what they are and how to eliminate them. If you’re struggling to find creative juice, stop what you’re doing and look at what’s around you. It’s time to make some simple changes that will turn your creativity back on.

Here are six killers of creativity that you can identify and eliminate.

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Smart Use of Credit














Credit can serve as a powerful safety net for you and your family, giving you the flexibility to make the purchases you need when you need them.

Building a good credit history will be useful in applying for a loan at a later date.  However, if used improperly, credit can affect your credit score, hampering your ability to obtain a mortgage or personal loan.

Here’s how to make your credit work for you.

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5 Steps to Rebrand Your Biz














Let’s face it, sometimes the original name of our business turns out not to be the best name for our business. Changing the name of a company isn’t uncommon and there are many reasons that would warrant this. Getting your rebrand right is important for your company’s perception. A great rebrand will create lots of goodwill while a lackluster rebrand will create confusion and distrust.

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