4 Time Wasters for Entrepreneurs

4 time wasters

















Being a successful entrepreneur requires insane time management skills and the ability to keep your eyes on the prize. Why? Because you’re the boss. For many of us, 24 hours without structure can feel confusing. No set time to get to work. No particular time to end work. You’re calling the shots. This is where a lot of entrepreneurs struggle. They spend all of their time working but not necessarily working on the right things. The things that will drive their business forward. Making the most of your time is critical to ensure you’re hitting your goals. Continue reading

Your Marketing Budget: How to Turn Nothing into Something


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My marketing degree is invalid. Literally. When I was sitting in marketing classes, you could only sign up for a Facebook account if you had a college email address. Forget Instagram or Snapchat. Those were nowhere close to conception. How consumers interpret advertising and connect with brands has changed exponentially in a short space of time. In order to stay relevant you’ve got to keep up with these changes.

The beauty of this new era of marketing is that the power of your brand is not tied to the size of your budget. As entrepreneurs and small business owners, a marketing budget is usually non-existent or next-to-nothing. Now, more than ever before, there are unique ways to build a marketing strategy with little capital (but lots of hustle).

Continue reading

Tools for the Times: Scotiabank Small Business Seminar Empowers Entrepreneurs






“This is no time to be winging it. Running a business without having a handle on the fundamental financial elements of your business is like a pilot flying a plane without a flight plan.”
This was the forthright message from accountant Oral Dowell, CEO of Dowell’s Advisory Services during Scotiabank’s recent Small Business Seminar and Expo, when the focus was put on what small businesses in Barbados truly need.

Scotiabank Small Business Development Manager Maureen Edwards elaborated on this point, saying the bank had put additional resources into helping to develop the skills of their small business customers.
“This is why we host seminars like this throughout the year – we want to give small business owners the tools they need for success,” she stated. Continue reading

Engineer Your Enterprise: Business by Design




















In my experience, I have found that ‘process’ is the common thread which connects life and enterprise. Life is a continuous process of growth and enterprises which are also built of related processes that combine to create and deliver value to the marketplace. Processes can be engineered.

Design is one of the cornerstones of engineering, and implementing this fundamental concept can add tremendous value to your enterprise.

What is design?

Design draws upon the creative talents of the individual or an organization to identify a need, brainstorm a solution, create and plan its construction. They then build, test, refine and improve a design over time according to ever-changing needs.

When you think of your business, what are you building? Imagine how it looks and performs.
Is it built for ‘heavy lifting’ like a truck or is it fast and flexible like a motorcycle?
How fast does it produce cash and how often?
How safe is it for the owner to operate?
Is it strong enough to take some damage, like 3 months of low revenue?  Continue reading

Starting a Business with Limited Funding

Limited funding



















Is it possible to start a business with limited sources of funding?

Yes it is.

I started my company with $0. Now that I think of it I paid one hundred and four dollars to register my company, but I didn’t have investors knocking at my door.

How did I manage building a company with no resources? I will tell you. Continue reading

Small Business Outsourcing: How to Save Time and Increase Your Profits
















By Ruben Gamez

Do you have a small business superhero complex? It’s what happens when you think you can do it all yourself. On top of doing the work that you do best, you’re tackling accounting, marketing, design – the whole works!

If your goal is to work yourself into an early grave, keep on going! If you’d rather have a thriving business with some time to rest and relax, then it’s time to outsource. Avoiding outsourcing when your business is growing can hold you back. By outsourcing in several key areas, you can save time, boost your personal productivity and help your business bloom.

Continue reading

Should you do a business plan?


We’ve all been taught that when we’re starting out, we should develop a business plan for our company. I’m sure when you started your business you spent countless hours working on yours. But have you looked back at it? Does it really form part of your day-to-day management and strategic planning? I doubt it. Don’t feel guilty. You’re not alone. I’ve spoken to loads of successful small business owners who haven’t given their business plan a passing thought in years; some have never even done one. That doesn’t mean they aren’t useful, just that they aren’t used properly. I’ve noted below a few suggestions on when to develop a business plan, and when to forget it. Continue reading

Personal Branding 101


“We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You.” –Tom Peters


Personal Branding is about identifying your story and then communicating what makes you unique, relevant and different. A strong, authentic personal brand helps you become known for what you’re good at, sets you apart from the competition, and can position you as a niche expert.  Developing a personal brand is similar to product branding and the process includes; defining your brand, personal brand goals and then managing all aspects of your personal brand. Continue reading

Intention is Your Ignition


Intentional living is a mindset, a lifestyle adopted through awareness of self, others and environment. Regardless of what’s happening in society, in the world, fast or slow, people who understand and appreciate intentionality are ready, willing and able to take responsibility, make a consistent effort and create good habits to amplify their value system in the form of love, courage, integrity and accountability, in order to move themselves forward.

How many of you are actually living your life with purpose on purpose?

What are you going to do today, that will be different and make you better? Continue reading

Building Relationships via Social Media Marketing- Top 5 Do’s & Don’ts


Over the last decade, the world of marketing has changed tremendously with the development and use of online platforms: those used by both people and businesses to showcase their products, host promotions, share ideas and much more.  Social media marketing has opened a number of doors for businesses to connect with their customers, both locally and internationally. It allows for them to build and maintain new relationships in an easy, convenient and affordable way.

On social media platforms, there are a few do’s and don’ts that every entrepreneur should know in order to build a successful relationship with their customers. Continue reading

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