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Nikita- All the way




To most, the tantalising uniqueness of Nikita begins with the sound of her voice that drives the hips into a swirling frenzy and creates a heat that makes the body drip of sweat. However, the beautiful sensation graced our ears, not with her borderless musical talents, but with the phenomenal story of an artist. As she continues her family’s life-long tradition of serenading the ears of thousands, Nikita has proven to us that dreams, no matter how profound, are nothing more than a challenge waiting to be accepted.

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Dave Squires-The Perfect Sound




Dave Squires has surrounded himself with sound.

For the past 18 years, the entrepreneur has taken his love for music and expanded it into various products and services in order to create a sustainable livelihood from entertainment in Barbados.

Dave explained on a busy Saturday afternoon that D.A.P.S. (an acronym for Definitely A Perfect Sound) is primarily a sound system rentals company, which also offers deejaying, professional audio services such as sound installations, maintenance and retail. Additionally, D.A.P.S. is the only company in Barbados offering foam machine rentals.

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Barry Knight-Managing Talent



Barry Knight, the founder of Odyssey Entertainment, has a profound love and passion for music. These desires were influential in his decision to establish a career in the entertainment business; not as a musician, but in the less sought-after field of Entertainment Music Management.

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Dee Blackett-Cultivating a hobby into a business





With a degree in English Literature, Dee Blackett’s passion for the subject resonated whenever she could write. However, that passion dwindled as she realised after only two weeks of teaching it, the profession was not for her. There, the multitalented creative came to understand her true calling in her passions for makeup. Once certified as a makeup artist, Dee took the final step and opened her company in 2011 – Beauty by Dee Blackett. Today, she decided to give advice to anyone who wanted to begin the journey of cultivating their hobbies into a business.

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Perry Walker- Gifted Hands









By Leigh-Ann Worrell

It is something that eludes some during times of stress, anxiety or upon looming deadlines, but for others, the relief that should come with hitting the sack remains but a dream.

Perry Walker wants to fix that.

With gifted hands and innovative thinking, the 45-year-old certified massage therapist and entrepreneur created The SoundSleep Program for chronic insomniacs a year ago. It is offered through his company, Body Konectics, which was incorporated three years ago.

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Omar Squires-From Corporate to Designing Landscapes








By N. L. Bowen

Omar Squires, the founder and owner of ‘Lawns and Landscapes’ has made an incredible leap of faith. Having worked in the typical office job setting both in Barbados and overseas, he did what some would call a ‘full 180’ and made a total career change. That change was his creation of Lawns and Landscapes, a landscaping business.

Located in Durants, Christ Church, Lawns and Landscapes was established in 2006. What first started as an outdoor maintenance company quickly expanded into an all-encompassing landscaping business. There is also a nursery, as well as services in landscaping design and construction. The company’s website is the only one of its kind in Barbados, offering online shopping for plants and other landscape items.

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Joshua Hunte- Baptism by Fire








By Leigh-Ann Worrell

His entry into business may have been through baptisms by fire, but Joshua Hunte rises above the ashes.

In ten years, he has transformed himself from a 22-year-old party boy who had “no real care in the world for business” into an energetic entrepreneur who expanded his father’s company while also creating two other enterprises.

Joshua is the managing director of Platinum Systems Inc, an electrical contracting and consulting company which has been operating in Barbados and the Caribbean for more than 20 years; Solar Watt Systems, a five-year-old photovoltaic enterprise, and LED Illuminations which has been providing energy-efficient lighting solutions for the last two years. The companies in sum employ over 100 people, including a Platinum Electrical office in St Lucia.

The young entrepreneur’s first fiery challenge came during his early 20s when Platinum Systems suffered a devastating fire.  At the time of the tragic incident, Joshua’s parents were overseas and unreachable for two weeks.

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Jameela Hollingsworth- Shaping HR in Barbados








By Saskia Moseley

The 27 year old mastermind behind ‘The HR Boss’- a consulting business on professional development– sat with us to divulge her passion. Interestingly enough, the HR boss’ life started in Law at the University of the West Indies, but once she realised how much it stripped away her enthusiasm, she moved to Jamaica to study Human Resources. To her, that was the best decision she made. Since then, her life has been steeped in the discipline for the past six and a half years but she refused to stop there. With a large part of her family being business owners, the entrepreneurship in her blood ran hot when she discovered that she could take what defined her and create what is now a booming online business.

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Jason Jeffers- Wielding his art








By Leigh-Ann Worrell

The machete.

It has been the tool of uprising, a longstanding weapon of choice in the Caribbean and a symbol of strength in the face of centuries of adversity.

For Miami-based Barbadian filmmaker/writer/creative Jason Fitzroy Jeffers, the machete also represented the resilience of the people from the Caribbean: “not to say we are perfect, but we have done so much to emerge from the most horrific conditions.”

Jason has also been wielding his art to clear paths for the Caribbean to be understood in complex ways which help to dispel tired tropes of island paradise. His imprint, Third Horizon, has tasked itself with capturing the sights and sounds of the Caribbean and the so-called third-world.  It mainly comprised Keisha Rae Witherspoon, Robert Sawyer, and himself. Originally used to release an album several years ago, the company’s name also reflected Jason’s belief that the ‘first world’ has derived much of its culture and resources from the ‘third world.’

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Deborah Spink- Fitness by Design








By Celia Collymore

“One of my overall goals is to be remembered as a game changer. Change the way that people think about sports, healthy lifestyles and all-round wellbeing.”

Fitness and wellness is definitely on our agenda as an entrepreneur magazine and when we had the opportunity to connect with Bajans throughout the Diaspora, it was only fitting to reach out to someone in this industry. It is our pleasure to highlight the bold and beautiful Deborah (Debbie) Spink. Debbie was born as a dual citizen – Barbadian and British. She is enthusiastic, fun, an entrepreneur, athlete and all-round sports person.

To understand a man’s purpose you must get a glimpse of his past, and we enjoyed learning about a fellow Bajan Entrepreneur who is not only creating waves but also making a difference in the lives of many, one natural product at a time.

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