The Morning Workout Resisting the Lure of Your Pillow
















Some people like to grab a cup of coffee, others perhaps tea; some go right for the news. I like to grab a healthy dose of exercise. I call it my morning medicine. But why exercise in the morning? No one wants to get up any earlier! Ugh! Yet, many people, much like myself, make that choice; we do it because there are several benefits to the early workout. Here are a few reasons that might help you resist the lure of your pillow.

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The Amazing Health Benefits of Tamarind














Most of us are pretty familiar with the tropical fruit called tamarind and there are plenty of reasons to love it. Before we get to the benefits, it’s important to note that tamarind is quite a popular fruit, even beyond the Caribbean region. Originating in Africa, it is also popular in India, Thailand, South Asia and Mexico.

Lots of Pluses

If the tamarind’s widespread availability does not impress you, its beneficial qualities, which are quite numerous, certainly will. First off, it’s rich in the following essential vitamins: Thiamine, Iron, Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin C, Potassium.

Tamarind has been proven to help with weight loss, the lowering of blood pressure and it even helps with the prevention of diabetes, all of which are hugely important to many of us here in Barbados.

Benefits You Can Feel

Not only do the tartaric acids in tamarind give a zing to your taste buds, there’s also evidence that its antioxidants destroy threatening radicals in your system.

In addition, tamarind is known to ease stomach discomfort and aid in digestion, and it’s also used as a laxative. Certain tamarind preparations are even used to treat fevers, sore throats, inflammation, swollen joints and lots of other conditions!

Used in More Ways than One

Tamarind is, of course, known for being a versatile fruit. With the right methods, you can use it as a dessert or even a candy, the most famous one being tamarind balls. Another popular tamarind delicacy is tamarind jam.

As with anything though, too much tamarind can be harmful, especially considering that it has a high-calorie count, so consume in moderation!

Is Walking Really Enough?















Yes, as the cardio component of your health and fitness regime. No, as the sole element in a well-rounded health and fitness programme. To be well-rounded, your programme needs to include cardio, strength, balance, flexibility and nutrition. Walking alone will not cover all aspects required for good health. However, it is a great choice for aerobic fitness.

Aerobic exercise is essential as it works the most important muscle in your body – your heart! When performing aerobic activities you breathe faster and more deeply in order to maximise the amount of oxygen in your blood. Your heart beats faster, increasing blood flow to your muscles and back to your lungs. Your heart gains a workout as a result of the increased pumping which strengthens the organ and allows it to pump blood more efficiently. Your small blood vessels also widen to allow more oxygen to be delivered to your muscles and to carry away waste products, such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid. The more aerobically fit you are, the more efficiently your heart, lungs and blood vessels can transport oxygen throughout your body.

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Creating a Balanced Health & Fitness Programme


















When many of us decide it’s time to get into shape we often focus on only one or two components of a health & fitness programme. However, to create a balanced programme you need to look at five main elements. You’ll find you’ll reach your goals much faster (and reduce injury) if you incorporate these elements into a structured plan.

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You eat what you are? Changing identity to motivate healthy eating

eat what you are










If you’ve resolved to eat more healthily this New Year’s, you might find that imagining yourself as a healthy eater is the key to changing your behaviour for the better.

Writing in the journal Self & Identity, Amanda M. Brouwer and Katie E. Mosack explore the concept of ‘self as doer’ and whether it could be of use in changing people’s eating habits.

As Brouwer and Mosack explain, the concept of ‘self as doer’ links identity with behaviour. “The more one identifies with a particular role, the more likely one is to participate in role-related behaviors,” they write. Thus, when it comes to eating better: “It stands to reason that the very process of conceptualizing the self as a ‘healthy eater’ brings about greater identification with this role.”

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Beat the bulge this Holiday Season

beat the bulge















It is easy to go overboard with indulgences at this time of the year. So how do you get through without putting on extra weight? By practicing mindful eating.

I believe that food should be celebrated with friends and love ones; however it is quite easy to go overboard at this time of year.

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What is a Massage Therapist?










The term or title massage therapist has often been misunderstood and misinterpreted by many, what a massage therapist is and what a massage therapist does may surprise many. The average person thinks of a massage therapist as a person who only gives massages for the purpose of relaxation and is unaware of the many ways in which a massage therapist can help them. The massage therapist is not only useful when it comes to providing relaxation and a soothing touch but also for specific therapeutic treatments and alternative medical treatment plans. By definition a massage therapist is someone who is trained in manipulation of the soft tissues of the body by rubbing, stroking, kneading etc. for therapeutic or healing purposes. This is why massage therapist are not only found within spas or parlors but also clinical settings. Continue reading

Being a Boss at Fitness- Part 2


I shared with you in Issue 4 the importance in being a boss of your finances and human relations.  In Part 2, we will look at technology and operations.


Technology and Equipment

In any area in the world of work, having the most expensive equipment will not set you apart from the masses and thus it will not set you apart in your fitness experience. Often times, before people ever step into a fitness facility, they have the most current shoes, clothes all designed to make them move faster and look better. You’ve read up, and saw it best to put your venture capital in this area. But your reading had no consultation, none with the human resources and the financial officer of your company. Yes you are the boss, so make some wise decisions. Start by asking yourself on choosing the tools to achieve your goals.  “Will I actually use the equipment? Have I done my homework and researched the items, for their use, cost and storage capacity. If you are anything like me, there is no cramping of equipment. It must have room, to be stored and room to be used. Like a true CEO, there is a continuing education plot in your fitness world and if you are not aware, your support systems should be in place to assist in your long term goal. Continue reading

Being a Boss at Fitness- Part 1


By Janelle Chase-Mayers

Like a Boss, Machel talks about how he is a professional in his sport of feting, and like Machel we all aspire to be a boss, a leader, a motivator, bettering you in the field of your personal fitness journey.

Sure he has a great team around him, awesome musicians, back up dancers, sound engineers and adoring fans, but at the end of the day his talent and his prowess is MACHEL.

How are you the boss of your own fitness journey?  Recognising that we come from cultivated perceptions from the society we live in, the family of origin, the fitness professional and the medical professional. How are you the boss of your approach to health and wellness and it’s implication for a better lifestyle and greatly improved interpersonal relationships? Are we truly are our own CEOs of our bodies or are we employees of the fitness trade?

Let’s look at how we can become CEOs of our fitness journey in this article.


The Finances

As you enter into any business model, the thing that keeps you abreast or afloat is the concept of being financially prudent. So in fitness, we begin to look at what are the wise decisions for you to make in order to sustain your fitness journey. Many times people often spend too much or spend too little in order to get the best results in their quest to be the fittest man or fittest woman, or even just to get “fit”. So what’s your business plan? How much are you spending on clothing, gym memberships, and personal trainers? Are these things beneficial to your overall golas? I know I ask a lot of questions. That’s because it’s important to start seeing the systemic value of this journey and connecting the dots that could inherently propel you to that status of truly being a boss.

If I decide to spend $2000 yearly membership and then $1000 for apparel and another $500 plus for personal training, am I getting value for money, or paying money for results?


The Human Relations

So I alluded to the place to do your fitness earlier, maybe you don’t go to a gym and instead you attend a fitness studio, a CrossFit Box or have mobile fitness trainer or you train at home.  Wherever you are at this moment, as CEO of your fitness empire, you need to search to see if the people in your space are a great fit for your goals, your income, your profit, your empire.  In my journey as a coach, I have come across many people who have just been following people’s perception of fitness rather than educating themselves about what it is they are actually partaking in. In the true sense of CEO, this person knows what they want, and how to get it and if they are not sure, they tap into several resources to get their desired outcome. Let’s start doing the same for our fitness. Expand our worlds a bit more and look at new and exciting ways to move and to get healthier.  Question time again….  Am I confident that the person who I am using as my fitness resource is open to learning more? Is the training environment inspiring? Who else in my circle can benefit from my choices of fitness?

Whatever your answers are, it’s time to get more honest with how your human relations department can contribute to your wealth in your fitness journey.


Janelle Chase- Mayers is the owner of CrossFit 246 and also a family therapist at the Verdun House.  Email:


Getting started on your fitness journey


By Janelle Chase-Mayers

Welcome to the Wellness Corner by Coach Janelle, It’s an honour to be part of this publication Dazzle, to spread the word and begin having conversations about fitness, wellness and health. In this corner we will cover all aspects of fitness, emotional, physical and psychological and begin to dissect the frame of reference that may limit or advance your health.

Getting Started.

There is always a first time for individuals who want to get fit or become healthier. This first time may be at an early age, the glory days of the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s or the recovery days of the 60’s and beyond, but I guarantee you there is always a starting point. It is usually characterized by images or experiences that may or may not motivate you to move towards a more conscience goal of being healthy. So let’s begin to look at some characteristics that will be necessary for to get started. Similar to being an entrepreneur, one must be their own boss in this journey.

• You must have Tenacity, the quality of being determined to do. When getting started on this life path, one must be simply ready and willing to get involved in enhancing their body and life. Being determined to be fit, gets you moving, visiting gyms, asking for referrals, attempting home work outs, eating differently, determined to change the old ways and being determined to doing something different. Just do….

• Passion is another trait that an individual who wants to get started must have. A sense of enthusiasm and excitement towards the goal of starting fitness. How we see the journey allows it to continue. Some people get stuck due to a wayward spirit, but those who are eager, aroused and even anxious are often successful. What are you enthused about? Is it to move better? To get stronger? To lose or gain weight? To fit in a new size? To spend more time with family? To get healthier? To reduce a health risk? There is always something that drives you.

• Self-Belief is important and can add value to the fitness journey, self-doubters hardly last or get involved in events. But most people believe that they are capable of doing something whether it is to show up or participate. Before we get started with we love the trainer/coach and the facility speech, and we profess our confidence in their skills, we must however simply believe that the real person who can make the actual change is…YOU. Believing that you can be consistent in training and successful in accomplishing the tasks at hand is where you need to focus. The way in which you see yourself in being successful determines how well you will train, how well you will recover and how quickly you will progress. Self-Belief is poignant to growth.

• Flexibility is tricky matter for many and one may assume that I am referring to completing a split or being able to touch your toes (while as a coach I would encourage this type of flexibility). I want to focus on being flexible, being adaptable to different situations and to different outcomes. In the fitness world things can be pretty unpredictable; weight loss, strength gains and personal bests. It’s hard for a trainer to say that you will get these results in x amount time, because let’s face it, life happens. People have jobs, families, responsibilities, deaths, marriages, children and other activities that could impact on their well-being, so one must be flexible and recognize that missing training after starting only for 2 weeks is not the end of the world. One must be able to adapt and change the effort needed to keep moving; maybe change time of training or workout at home, train with a friend, change the length of time of workout. Just be pliable and adaptable.

So before you decide to get started or if you have already started, start to examine if you have some of these traits, and how well they will or are assisting you in your journey.

Tips for getting started…

 Write down what your goals are for starting fitness.
 Ask friends or family about their ideals of fitness.
 Visit Fitness facilities or groups to explore what type of fitness regimes may be useful to you.
 Choose a starting date, have a flexible time and days and begin a home workout to encourage- Fitness anywhere anytime.


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