Dazzle Magazine Issue 3

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by Ryan Wills

Creating partnerships is such a beautiful thing! Coming off the heels of Global Entrepreneurship week in mid November, Dazzle was not only able to participate in key events but metsome very interesting entrepreneurs.  With that said, I am pleased to bring you Issue 3 which is filled with some awesome articles from a host of contributors from different professions.  I truly appreciate the articles they’ve submitted and I hope that you enjoy reading them.

Christmas is on our doorsteps, and how does this translate to the entrepreneurs out there?  For one, it is a chance to possibly bulk up on your year- end sales and get out to as many social events as possible to meet future clients.  Continue reading

Dazzle Magazine Barbados Issue 2

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Time has truly flown. We are at Issue 2 already and what a ride it has been. Bringing a brand to market is never easy, especially based on the times we are in. I am grateful that the magazine has been well received and it encourages me to keep pressing ahead and raising the bar.

It’s summer and “tis the season” for everything fun and entertaining. In this issue we focus on the sporting fraternity and also two Crop Over band leaders. Perfect combination because they don’t require an office and most of their work is done outdoors.

With the just concluded CPL T20 we take a look at one of Barbados’s up and coming cricketers Jonathan Carter and his journey to putting bat to ball. Swinging from the bat to tennis we get into Damian Applewhaite’s game and his fulfilling role as Coach Apple. Janelle Chase-Mayers of Crossfit 246 welcomes us into her community where everyone is treated like family and shows how crossfit is changing lives. Continue reading

Dazzle Magazine Barbados Issue 1

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By Ryan Wills

It is my pleasure to bring you the premiere issue of Dazzle Magazine. This marks a new kind of publication in Barbados focusing exclusively on a much talked about subject entrepreneurship. The magazine promises to add a fresh and attractive spin on what many see as the lifeblood of a nation, and it will provide much needed exposure for young professionals, entrepreneurs and established
businesses alike.

We are living in a country faced with some hard economic decisions. Dazzle is timely and will serve to highlight a number of persons making strides despite these difficulties. Far too often young Barbadian entrepreneurs go unheard and through this medium their stories will compel those that can relate, those that have been there, and those that are thinking about taking the plunge into this amazing world.  Continue reading

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