Janelle Chase-Mayers – Building Communities Through Strength and Conditioning


When we think of crossfit the first thing that usually comes to mind is high intensity strength training. While that definition holds true for Barbadian business CrossFit 246, there also lies a heavy theme of family and community, lifting individuals to surpass their limits. Allow Dazzle to introduce you to its founder Janelle Chase-Mayers, former volleyball star, now improving strength and conditioning across the island.

Love for sports began in secondary school where Janelle ran track before switching to volleyball competing locally and regionally, eventually leading to a scholarship to the Central Connecticut State University. After transferring over to Louisiana, she represented Barbados in a myriad of tournaments while completing her masters in psychology before returning to Barbados in 2005. Janelle continued the spike in her career becoming national captain before retiring in 2011 at the top of her game, however still contributing greatly to the sport as a strength and conditioning coach, a passion she always possessed. Continue reading

Lloyda Springer – Staying True to Foreday


Let’s play a game.  Can you guess what business I’m referring to?

It started in 2001 with a small music truck, 120 of the owner’s friends and family, a drinks truck supplied by her hairdresser’s brother, and some blue body paint that wouldn’t come off for weeks.  Its name begins with “J” and is a play on a popular Trinidadian calypso tune.

Still stumped? Here’s one more clue. It’s run by professional landscape architect and self-professed Crop Over addict Lloyda Springer, and has been one of the most popular Foreday Morning bands for over a decade.

The answer is Jambalasse and Dazzle got a chance to sit down with its 39 year old owner to find out more about her unusual business.

How did it all start?

I grew up in a household with my parents jumping in Kadooment, having a band or associated with friends who have bands. I did my first Grand Kadooment in first or second form and I haven’t missed it since with the exception of one year when I went on a family vacation overseas.

How did you make the transition from taking part in the festival to actually owning a Foreday Morning band? Was it planned? Continue reading

Jonathan Carter- Putting Bat to Ball


Cricket has truly transformed from its glory days of test matches to today where a new and exciting format of play called 20/20 has dominated the scene.  It has presented huge opportunities for cricketers to gain even more fame and fortune.

Dazzle Magazine takes a look at one of Barbados’ up and coming cricketers and his journey on becoming a professional West Indies player.  Meet 26 year old Jonathan Lyndon Carter, a left hand batsman and a right hand bowler.  Let’s take a glimpse into his game.

Where were you born and raised?

I was raised in Gall Hill, Christ Church and attended Christ Church Boys School. I later moved at age 7 to St. Andrew. Growing up in Gall Hill wasn’t an easy life.  I remember seeing police chase guys on the block and times I would hear gunshots not too far away from home.

What were some of your fondest memories growing up?
Continue reading

Katrina Ifill – Teaching the art of self-love and sexual empowerment

Katrina Ifill

Meet Katrina, a Sensual Empowerment Coach. Caught your attention? While sex may be the first thing that comes to mind, allow Dazzle to share how integral self love is to the intimate story behind Katrina Ifill of Waves of Bliss.

Katrina gave herself this title because she empowers women to accentuate and celebrate their femininity by using their senses and sexual energy to heal and empower themselves. While society is very fast paced and male driven, she encourages women to slow down to really effectively practice sensuality. She shares the teachings and lifestyles of Afrakan Jade Kawaida (AJKA) through orgasmic/sensual living. While there may be similarities, she assures us that there is a difference between what she practices, and being a life coach. She is currently pursuing further training in these fields. She also has done khemetic and tantric training through the Shakti Pati Tantric Guru Yoga system and she was instrumental in hosting a workshop facilitated by Saida Desilets in March last year.  Continue reading

Corey Springer – Labelled as a Narcissist and Using it to his Advantage

Corey Springer

At first glance the trained, tattooed physique of physical trainer Corey Springer may intimidate most men; however, after a ten minute conversation with this inspirational young man one would discover a level of articulate intellect that matches his well groomed exterior. Some call him Corey, many know him as Narq.  This catchy alias has evolved from a focused image to a bustling brand.

From the quiet personality of a young boy and the eldest of his siblings, he was raised to always take pride in his appearance. Growing up in the ghetto, he developed a reputation of being “too pretty” and he became ostracized and labeled as a narcissist. This only inspired Corey to place more effort in his hobbies and crafts, establishing a strategy to use this to his advantage. Following an unfortunate incident where a picture of him was being slandered on an online forum, he adopted this narcissistic persona and the nickname Narq was born.  Continue reading

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