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On the heels of The Golden 50 every proud Barbadian around the world took the time off from work to join with us to celebrate Barbados’ Independence and all of the success this country has achieved in the past 50 years. As all major businesses would have allowed workers to participate in the festivities, so should you entrepreneurs, if not to joined in the celebration itself but to celebrate having your own striving business in such a monumental time for our country.

Having your own business can be without a doubt stressful and so time consuming that you may overlook the fact that you have just made your first sale or signed your first client because you become so driven to build your empire you forget to celebrate the small accomplishments which can in fact lead to bigger accomplishments, the same way the past 49 years of Independence have paved the way for Barbados’ biggest milestone yet. Take some time out just to relax and celebrate what you have already achieved in the time from which you had started your business to the present and appreciate the journey you are on and what more you can accomplish no matter how minor or major you deem them to be.

Here are a few tips on how you can celebrate those minor and major accomplishments:

  1. Throw a Party

Get together with a few of your friends and family, who better to celebrate with than those who assisted and pushed you in the start up of your business, and throw yourself a party, have a celebratory toast of champagne and a cake- can’t forget the cake- and cheers to you!

  1. Reminisce

If you are like me and generally prefer quieter forms of celebration, feel free to celebrate alone over a glass of your favorite wine or champagne and think about how far you and your business have come, all the obstacles and late nights planning and strategizing over possible outcomes. Looking back from where you are now to where you started can channel a lot more motivation to go even further with your business to reach more milestones.

  1. Post-it-up

Celebrate by posting your accomplishments on social media. On your business page and on your own personal page. Let the world know your business is becoming successful and they would in turn want to participate in future success by using your services. You are therefore building your list of consumers whilst enjoying the fruits of your labour.

Take these tips into advisement the next time your business reaches a milestone and continue to be independent and successful. Feel free to also use them as part of your Independence celebration rituals, to show the world how proud you are of your country.As I do our nation’s flag, I salute you!

Danielle is a young aspiring writer who hopes to someday have her own blog where she can interact with other literature personnel.

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