Centro Restaurant at Courtyard by Marriott

As I made my way from the carpark to the lobby at Courtyard by Marriott, I first took note that this six-year-old hotel was very well-maintained. In the well-appointed lobby, amongst the early morning bustle of hotel guests, many of whom were dressed for the office, I was met by the welcoming smiles and greetings of the Courtyard staff which assured me that this hotel prided itself in excellent service to visitors and locals alike.

The lobby area was beautifully decorated with well-coordinated art pieces and furniture of high quality strategically placed. Yet, there was a curious contradiction about the room. It was cosy enough to relax with a piece of literature, yet there was an air of professionalism about it. It presented the ideal setting for my visit that day; a casual breakfast meeting with a business partner.

My business colleague eventually joined me and we were both greeted by Yaksenia in Centro Restaurant.  Her friendliness and understanding simply impressed us. She motioned us to the dining area and encouraged us to indulge in their delicious breakfast menu. She explained that we could choose from the daily breakfast buffet, or that there were a number of a la carte options available, including the very popular Bajan Breakfast plate complete with saltfish, bakes and fried plantain. Yaksenia also pointed out a number of lighter options like a very tasty looking yogurt parfait with granola and fruit, but our taste buds were poised for the hearty breakfast buffet!

The current price for the buffet breakfast from Monday to Saturday is $48 and $58 on Sundays. We had a variety of food options to choose from. There were fresh cut fruit, omelettes prepared to order, crispy bacon, fluffy pancakes and more. Yaksenia mentioned that the Chef changes the breakfast menu daily and that she likes to incorporate local foods. That day, there was a sweet potato choka available and soft grilled plantain that did not disappoint.  And then there is the coffee! For caffeine lovers like me, the coffee at Centro Restaurant is a must.  You can enjoy the earthy and bold flavour of the regular coffee to get your morning boost or try one of the specialty coffees available like the Hazelnut Truffle Latte or the White Chocolate Mocha. Very delicious.

It is easy to see why Centro Restaurant at Courtyard by Marriott comes so highly recommended for lunch and breakfast meetings. The staff is exceptionally friendly and professional, the food is tasty and reasonably priced and the music which wafts from the ceiling is ambient and hardly distracting. You have the option of either dining at one of the regular tables in the restaurant, one of the media pods or other specially designed seating areas in the lobby. These areas are equipped with space to accommodate your laptop, and there are also power outlets if you need to charge a mobile device. Furthermore, effortless access to complimentary Wi-Fi is available to resident hotel guests and other patrons utilising Centro. The atmosphere at Courtyard by Marriott is ideal for meaningful business communication.

The meeting with my business partner was highly productive and the overall experience we had at the Courtyard has left us with a positive and lasting impression. Courtyard by Marriott, thank you. We will be back!

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