Dazzle Magazine Barbados Issue 10

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By Ryan Wills

One of the things I do is to check in with all the persons who were featured in the magazine.  The main reason is get an assessment of how business has progressed since appearing in the magazine.  To date, it heartens me to know that all of them are still going strong and have seen an increase in business.  The magazine is not to take full credit for this but I believe it shows that once we begin to celebrate entrepreneurs, the encouragement can take them a long way.

Around this same time last year, we would have featured health and entertainment entrepreneurs and this year is no different.  A sector that is constantly growing and trending, we are highlighting in this issue four incredible individuals who are on a journey to success.

On the front cover is Jeremy Nicholls, no stranger to the entertainment world, he gives us an exclusive take on managing one of the fastest growing Crop Over bands, Xhosa.  We also have D.J. Simmons, a man that wears many hats literally and figuratively. He’s been contributing to shape the cultural sector with the power of spoken word.  Dr. Ariana Marshall; a solution artist, lover of learning and dedicated scientist shares her thoughts on a better Barbados and Caribbean.  Lastly, Mr Cary Holder talks to us about his creative concept gym called Bassa Bassa which is home to Barbados’ most motivational fitness community.

I hope you enjoy reading our summer edition and many thanks to my team and the contributors for their input.

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