Dazzle Magazine Barbados Issue 13



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Growth can either be a result of business done well or it can be a business goal.  A well-adjusted entrepreneur sees that his/her business can either be a success or a failure but is ready to pivot if the business needs it. Recognising your talent and using it as a catalyst to grow your business is one of the areas that we will be focusing on in this issue.   Talent alone is not enough, persistence is what will ultimately get you to the top.

At Dazzle Barbados we continue to attractively highlight entrepreneurs and help expand the horizons of those who aspire to have their own business. We have embarked on other ventures to help us achieve this.  One such partnership is with Vision 2 Reality, to stage an event called Divas that Dazzle.  In its 3rd year Divas that Dazzle highlights female entrepreneurs and business leaders who share their journeys to a packed audience.  It’s free and we hope you can join us this November.

We highlight four talented individuals in this issue.   We profile Nikita, singer and popular radio personality who believes in female empowerment. We also explore the stories of Barry Knight, the founder of Odyssey Entertainment, Beauty by Dee Blackett and Dave Squires of D.A.P.S sound system rentals.

I hope this issue leaves you feeling inspired and ready to start blazing your trail.

Until our next issue.


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