Dazzle Magazine Issue 3

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by Ryan Wills

Creating partnerships is such a beautiful thing! Coming off the heels of Global Entrepreneurship week in mid November, Dazzle was not only able to participate in key events but metsome very interesting entrepreneurs.  With that said, I am pleased to bring you Issue 3 which is filled with some awesome articles from a host of contributors from different professions.  I truly appreciate the articles they’ve submitted and I hope that you enjoy reading them.

Christmas is on our doorsteps, and how does this translate to the entrepreneurs out there?  For one, it is a chance to possibly bulk up on your year- end sales and get out to as many social events as possible to meet future clients. 

In this issue, we look at individuals operating in the Services Industry. Chef Dane Saddler better known as “Chef Slim”, the owner of Caribbean Villa Chefs, has become somewhat of a household name and will let us in on what he’s cooking up.  23 year old Ms Nikele Davis of Mocha Hair Designs has her head on and is locingher way to success.  Neil Alvin is “killing” them with his fashion blog BGKI and is a true example of breaking into a niche market. His online fashion sitehas grown significantly and, surprisingly, his main market isn’t in Barbados.  From Neil, we step into the world of Natasha Simpson, another young and upcoming entrepreneur who graces our cover.  Natasha’s business, “Love Design Barbados”, is a company that has grown to include: Interior Decorating services, Social Media services and a blog that has over 15,000 views monthly from across the world attracting advertising from premier brands.  She is a bit of an enigma;coming from two elite Barbadian families and she shares with us the balance she creates between family, friends and work.  Our spotlight segment is on our youngest feature, Ms Ieashia Browne.  At 16 years old,Ieashia is now in her second year in the Honey Jam concert and is as confident as they come, she is well on her way to stardom!

As you can see this issue is packed with great features and articles. On behalf of the Dazzle team I am wishing you and yours all the best for the season and a very Prosperous 2015!

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