Dazzle Magazine Issue 4

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By Ryan Wills

Wow, it’s a year already and what a ride it has been.  I never thought starting a magazine would be so intense but the experiences I have gained are priceless.  So how have we been doing since our first year?  For starters we have had the pleasure of interviewing some amazing entrepreneurs, sitting in front each of them you can see the passion blazing in their eyes.  Our contributor team has expanded and I am so grateful for the insightful articles they have submitted.  It’s wonderful to see how many supporters we have and the positive feedback we have been receiving. I have also had the pleasure of being invited to several spaces to speak about entrepreneurship and the role Dazzle is playing in Barbados to promote this sector.

We have another special issue in store for you and will be focusing on entrepreneurs who have been in business for more than ten years.  Our special feature is an exclusive interview with Rosalind Jackson, Managing Director of Caribbean Catalyst, one of the leading HR consulting firms in the region.  She shares with us what it takes to build the right company culture.  We consider this an honour as she has been a mentor to many. On our cover Mr Arshad Mehter a man ahead of his time tells us about his journey from a bedroom office to growing a company into one of the biggest electrical firms in Barbados. Melissa Walcott-Pusey a physiotherapist who owns Total Therapy makes sure her bubbly attitude gets here through the day and impacts the patients she deals with. Dean Harper a barber for the past 20 years is an icon in his field and has come a long way to defeat the odds.  Lastly, Mr Dale Trotman who recently received the social innovation award in Panama at the Talent and Innovation Competition of the Americas for his medical application really deserves mention in this edition. He was the only Barbadian to make it and even though his business is nowhere ten years, his application will be a game changer in the medical market.

We have some wonderful business articles that will surely get your attention and we took the time to highlight in one of them our journey in getting here.  It will give you a better picture of the road the magazine is taking to impact Barbados in a meaningful way.  Look out for some initiatives we have planned.  Let me express my sincere thanks to everyone who had a part to play in getting us to this point from our advertisers to the team who has stuck by my side. Happy Reading!

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