Dazzle Magazine Issue 5

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By Ryan Wills

A few weeks ago I participated in an Incubation Management workshop conducted by InfoDev and hosted by the Barbados Coalition of Service Industries and IMC Worldwide.  It was timely and relevant as the modules covered were financing and marketing an incubator.  One of the takeaways I got (I am sure not planned) was the discussion of the Golden Circle theory on marketing your business.  A concept by Simon Sinek, it looks at connecting with your customers first by expressing the why of your story. It taps into the emotional side of things like your mission statement, or reason for being, letting them know why you do what you do. People relate better to inspiring content and brands.  As a start-up it is imperative that you share your story with your customers, this is when you are the most passionate.

The heat is here and that means this issue will be full of energy.  We will zoom in on fitness and entertainment entrepreneurs for our summer issue.  Not ones to disappoint we present on our cover the duo of Andrea and David, owners of Renaissance Designs Inc., one of the best known event and wedding rental companies.  The bubbly team share their story on how a business partnership can be like a marriage.  Up next we have Ms. Ingrid Holder, a woman, short in stature but one to be reckoned with.  She is renowned for managing leading artistes such as Lead Pipe and Saddis and Krosfyah.  Mario Turton better known for his event UV, an all-inclusive sunrise event shares the importance of a strong network.  With all the entertainment, we cannot forget that you need to be fit for summer and that’s where Mr Richie Wiggins, the co-owner of Flawless Performance Centre comes in.  From humble beginnings his story is one of blood, sweat and tears.

I believe that one must be cognisant of all the aspects that will impact on the success of your business.  Therefore, our articles are well balanced highlighting marketing strategies, health tips and professional progress.

Let’s pray for a summer that is a bright but not too hot and hurricane free. Be safe out there as you head out to the various parties.

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