Dazzle Magazine Issue 6

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By Ryan Wills

Knowledge is power and you cannot underestimate how important learning is to one’s personal development. Today many look at our education system as outdated, but can we only get knowledge from this environment? As an entrepreneur we gain our experiences from “walking the walk” and not only talking it. Education is indeed important but having real world experience prepares us for the long journey ahead.

In this issue we look at those entrepreneurs who are doing both. They are part of our focus on educational and social entrepreneurs who are assisting persons with learning opportunities. On the cover Sheena Alleyne, the director of the Student Centre acts as the bridge to providing services for students on the road to higher education. Mr. Corey Lane of Nature’s Fun Ranch is teaching young disadvantaged kids the power of unity and caring. Lana Sealy of Body Mekanix is healing people through the art of movement. Last but not least, Shareka Bentham of EasySpeak Enterprises is helping both kids and adults with communication and feeding/swallowing disorders.
In addition we rewind to the Crop Over season and highlight two major events; Bliss and the 1Love Concert.

Mark your calendars for Global Entrepreneurship Week which is November 16 to 22. It will be a fun and informative week of activities and I hope to see you there.

Happy reading.


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