Dazzle Magazine Issue 8


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By Ryan Wills

2016 has started and it’s already moving fast.  I’m sure most of you would have made your New Year resolutions and somewhere in between all of the chaos called life you’re wondering if you are on track to achieve them all.  The beauty with the New Year is it allows us entrepreneurs to give everything another shot.  It’s looking back and seeing where you went wrong and how to avoid certain mistakes that added too much drag to your business. 

In celebration of International Women’s Day which was on March 8th this edition is all about recognising the achievements of female entrepreneurs that exist in our beautiful island.   We title this edition “The Female All Rounder”.  She encapsulates the woman who balances everyday tasks both personal and business and still comes out of it looking good.  She is the nurturer, wife and BOSS.  On the cover is Kim Angoy, owner of Suga Apple Swimwear.  She is not only beautiful but has the brains to back it up.  Dawn Lisa Callendar-Smith is the ultimate multitasker and always gets the job done right.  She is the owner of DL Smith Productions.  Last but not least is Ms Heather Barker, no stranger to the Public Relations world, she shares her success story of UpStart Caribbean.

Is the woman BOSS? Yes, she is and we must respect the strives several are making in the field.  You are probably one of them who is reading right now and whatever you are doing to improve yourself, continue being the All-Rounder. Enjoy

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