The Deserted Website: Why SEO is a Must!















In today’s world, having a website to compliment your business is a cornerstone of success. No longer is your marketing tied down to word of mouth or expensive advertising. Now, thousands can have access to your product by simply clicking a blue-coloured, underlined link. But what happens when you’ve created the most suave website for your customers, only for it to be a deserted wasteland? In most cases, it’s because no one can even find your website. If this is the case, chances are it’s lacking Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SEO is the thin line between having traffic entering your website, and the occasional tumbleweed blowing towards your feedback section (FYI, it’s probably spam).

So what is SEO?

SEO refers to the strategies that successfully increase your search engine traffic. This refers to everyday users who find websites on a search page through engines like Google.

The ranking your website gets on that search page is determined by the SEO strategies you employ and the words users input into the search bar which relate to your website. The goal of every business is to get on the first page of their customers’ search, so how can you do that using SEO? Here are the basic things to consider:


  • The quality of your content
  • The algorithm of the search engine
  • Who your users are


Quality of Content

The features of your content influence the ranking of your website on a search page. How often the content is modified is very important as search engines favour the most recent. This is why updating old content is a must. Additionally, the format of your text is equally significant. Bolding keywords, using headings and including photos to accentuate your content are just some strategies which impact your search engine ranking.

Algorithm of the Search Engine

The forefront of SEO is having an understanding of the search engine’s algorithm. However, search engine algorithms are constantly changing. Google can make up to 600 changes to its algorithm each year.  What’s worse is that their algorithms are kept secret, meaning that trial and error is the only way to know what works. But hey- business is all about adapting, right?


Research your users

SEO focuses on understanding the customer and how they use language. Take a clothing website that sells T-Shirts for instance. Due to the line of their business, the word ‘T-Shirt’ is littered all over the website’s content. However, what if a user wants exactly that, but instead searches the word ‘tees’. If the website’s content does not include that word, it will not be included on the search page and as a consequence, it loses a potential customer.  Language is governed by a number of social factors like age so tailoring your content towards your specific audience will help your website stand out.

The potential of your website regardless of its content or design will never be reached without SEO. These were just some basic ways to incorporate it into your website. We definitely recommend investing your time into it, so that your business can reap the rewards it deserves.


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