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The ability to access data and content from the Internet from anywhere at any time from a growing array of wireless devices including laptops, tablets and smartphones is quickly becoming a critical requirement. However, throughout the hurricane prone Caribbean region, the nature of our buildings and infrastructure from our homes to offices encompasses reinforced materials such as concrete and steel.  While this is a great foundation for our structures, it poses a significant disadvantage in our ability to access wireless signals efficiently with the average consumer grade router as signal often dismisses significantly, resulting in poor Wi-Fi coverage to our devices.

Luckily with creative deployment of Engenius’s wireless networking solutions (Access Points, Bridges and Routers) we can now easily enhance our wireless coverage and productivity due to a higher antenna transmit power and longer range coverage technology.


Indoor Wireless Access Point, Dual-Band N600 High-Speed, Long-Range, Ceiling-Mount Wireless AP Offers Greater Multi-Floor Penetration  EAP600











With Dual-Band, 11n concurrent speeds to 300 Mbps on each band, the EAP600 is a network workhorse. This top selling AP simultaneously supports both 2.4 and 5 GHz bands for peak 11n speed and performance, improving video streaming and large file transfer rates. Utilizing Band Steering, the EAP600 automatically detects and shifts Dual-Band-capable clients to the less congested 5 GHz band, greatly optimizing overall network bandwidth.



High-Powered, Long-Range Wireless N300 Indoor Access Point / Client Bridge with Gigabit Expand Your Network ECB350













The EnGenius ECB350 is an ideal solution for expanding an existing network and increasing bandwidth to support additional users. This 2.4 GHz Wireless-N Indoor Access Point/Client Bridge that features up to 29 dBm RF Tx (transmit) power for long range coverage, wireless speeds up to 300 Mbps and a Gigabit Ethernet port for connecting to a switch or router. The ECB350 delivers up to 6x faster speeds and 7x extended coverage than lower-power, legacy 802.11g access points. For small-to-medium-sized business networks and for larger homes, the ECB350 provides superior throughput, performance and unparalleled wireless range.

EnGenius Technologies, Inc. is an industry expert in wireless communications and radio frequency (RF) technology. The company pioneered “Affordable Long-Range Wireless” communication solutions, and creates wireless voice and data products for home, SOHO and SMB use that are versatile, feature-rich, business-class and affordable.

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