Entrepreneurship Burden or Blessing?


















When entrepreneurship is the topic of discussion, only one side of the coin glitters -the side of self-perseverance, determination, freedom and ultimate success, whereas the darker side- the most untold- stays covered. Entrepreneurship is looked to with such grandeur for various reasons, some of which is led by the fact that it really is a positive endeavour. However, it must be considered that like all journeys, this one will have its ups and downs.

Your Own Boss vs. Accountability

As an entrepreneur, you get to make your own decisions for your business. No one is behind your shoulder telling you what to do and everything is at your liberty. However, at the centre of all of this freedom is blame. Your decisions alone make or break your business and if something goes wrong, it is exclusively your fault to everyone – even if it isn’t. Your decisions have the ability to stunt or even destroy progress and that will inevitably weigh on you.

Flexibility vs. Unpredictability

What draws persons towards entrepreneurship is the idea of flexibility.  No longer must you suffer through the stressful prospects of a 9 to 5 job. However, despite the promise of flexibility, transitioning from an employee to an employer means trading in 8 hours of your time for 24 hours instead. Every minute acts as a window to building your business. Your work schedule also becomes unpredictable. Although there is the idea of freedom to use your time as you like, all of your time must be used with your business in mind.

Connections vs. Loneliness

As your empire grows under your management everything will be exciting. You will meet like-minded persons with a plethora of knowledge and skill looking to help you as you are willing to help them. However what they don’t tell you is that despite all the new connections you will be cultivating, the business is plagued by loneliness. Firstly, those connections will be of a professional kind. Most times, they won’t become personal and it will be a matter of developing the relationship in pursuit of developing the business. Secondly, your schedule will be hectic and your focus will be geared towards how to grow your business. As such, you will have less time for friends and family – a frustrating and sometimes depressing position to be in.

Success vs. Financial Uncertainty

It is also important to understand that starting your business will not guarantee a success story. There is always a margin of failure to consider. At the same time, with hard-work, proper research and good decision-making, success can come knocking on your door. Before it gets to that point however, the growth of your business will be a struggle and there will always be a level of financial uncertainty. Because the returns of your business will fluctuate every month, there can be lower returns. With that considered, as the entrepreneur your pay cheque can suffer because your focus will be ensuring your employees are paid and your business has what it needs.

Even though being an entrepreneur can be a burden at times, feeling constantly stressed is not a part of the job. When the journey becomes only a draining experience, take a break! Spend time with your loved ones with a vacation or take the time to speak with a therapist. At the end of it all, if your business is only considered a burden to you, then it will only suffer.

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