Getting started on your fitness journey


By Janelle Chase-Mayers

Welcome to the Wellness Corner by Coach Janelle, It’s an honour to be part of this publication Dazzle, to spread the word and begin having conversations about fitness, wellness and health. In this corner we will cover all aspects of fitness, emotional, physical and psychological and begin to dissect the frame of reference that may limit or advance your health.

Getting Started.

There is always a first time for individuals who want to get fit or become healthier. This first time may be at an early age, the glory days of the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s or the recovery days of the 60’s and beyond, but I guarantee you there is always a starting point. It is usually characterized by images or experiences that may or may not motivate you to move towards a more conscience goal of being healthy. So let’s begin to look at some characteristics that will be necessary for to get started. Similar to being an entrepreneur, one must be their own boss in this journey.

• You must have Tenacity, the quality of being determined to do. When getting started on this life path, one must be simply ready and willing to get involved in enhancing their body and life. Being determined to be fit, gets you moving, visiting gyms, asking for referrals, attempting home work outs, eating differently, determined to change the old ways and being determined to doing something different. Just do….

• Passion is another trait that an individual who wants to get started must have. A sense of enthusiasm and excitement towards the goal of starting fitness. How we see the journey allows it to continue. Some people get stuck due to a wayward spirit, but those who are eager, aroused and even anxious are often successful. What are you enthused about? Is it to move better? To get stronger? To lose or gain weight? To fit in a new size? To spend more time with family? To get healthier? To reduce a health risk? There is always something that drives you.

• Self-Belief is important and can add value to the fitness journey, self-doubters hardly last or get involved in events. But most people believe that they are capable of doing something whether it is to show up or participate. Before we get started with we love the trainer/coach and the facility speech, and we profess our confidence in their skills, we must however simply believe that the real person who can make the actual change is…YOU. Believing that you can be consistent in training and successful in accomplishing the tasks at hand is where you need to focus. The way in which you see yourself in being successful determines how well you will train, how well you will recover and how quickly you will progress. Self-Belief is poignant to growth.

• Flexibility is tricky matter for many and one may assume that I am referring to completing a split or being able to touch your toes (while as a coach I would encourage this type of flexibility). I want to focus on being flexible, being adaptable to different situations and to different outcomes. In the fitness world things can be pretty unpredictable; weight loss, strength gains and personal bests. It’s hard for a trainer to say that you will get these results in x amount time, because let’s face it, life happens. People have jobs, families, responsibilities, deaths, marriages, children and other activities that could impact on their well-being, so one must be flexible and recognize that missing training after starting only for 2 weeks is not the end of the world. One must be able to adapt and change the effort needed to keep moving; maybe change time of training or workout at home, train with a friend, change the length of time of workout. Just be pliable and adaptable.

So before you decide to get started or if you have already started, start to examine if you have some of these traits, and how well they will or are assisting you in your journey.

Tips for getting started…

 Write down what your goals are for starting fitness.
 Ask friends or family about their ideals of fitness.
 Visit Fitness facilities or groups to explore what type of fitness regimes may be useful to you.
 Choose a starting date, have a flexible time and days and begin a home workout to encourage- Fitness anywhere anytime.


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