Hurricane Season: Weathering the Storm for Your Business



Storms have the ability to attack your business’ cash flow, whether they are physical or financial in nature.

We all witnessed the onslaught of Irma and Maria as they swept relentlessly throughout our Caribbean region; leaving behind nothing but destruction and despair. Please remember to do your part in any way you can to support our brothers and sisters as they recover.

As a business owner you must be well-equipped to handle the onset of a storm or a hurricane.

Here are my suggestions:

Weathering the Physical Storm for Your Business

Here are some questions to consider when preparing for a hurricane:

  • Is your business’ and clients’ information backed up on a drive or on a cloud?
  • Are the contents of your business insured?
  • Is the building you occupy insured?
  • Should you and your team be unable to re-enter the premises, would you be able to function as a virtual office?

Careful consideration should also be given to acquiring business interruption insurance. This insurance covers the loss of income a business suffers after a disaster, as well as the closing of a business during the recovery process after a disaster.

I am recommending every company sit down and work out the logistics for preparing effectively for a hurricane.

Weathering the Financial Storm for Your Business

In some circumstances, companies experience challenges with their cash flow.

It could be the result of the following:

  • Non-paying clients
  • Most of the company’s income is tied up in debt
  • An unexpected expense comes up
  • Business is slow

How do you weather the financial storm for your business? Please consider the following:

  • Enlist the services of a bailiff to collect the outstanding debts due
  • Set up a savings account separate from your operating account and save money for emergencies
  • If business is slow, it may be time to consider generating multiple sources of income.
  • Generally, as a rule, not more than 35% percent of your income should be tied up in debt. Take stock and see where you’re standing financially as a business owner. To be rid of your debt at a quicker rate, consider paying more than the minimum amount due. When your debts are clear you can do more with your money.


Ready or not, here they come.

Are you storm prepared?

Melinda Belle is the Founder and Managing Director of Astrape Finance, the caring, knowledgeable, trustworthy, financial company guiding you to financial stability and prosperity through education, sound planning and advice.

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