Katrina Ifill – Teaching the art of self-love and sexual empowerment

Katrina Ifill

Meet Katrina, a Sensual Empowerment Coach. Caught your attention? While sex may be the first thing that comes to mind, allow Dazzle to share how integral self love is to the intimate story behind Katrina Ifill of Waves of Bliss.

Katrina gave herself this title because she empowers women to accentuate and celebrate their femininity by using their senses and sexual energy to heal and empower themselves. While society is very fast paced and male driven, she encourages women to slow down to really effectively practice sensuality. She shares the teachings and lifestyles of Afrakan Jade Kawaida (AJKA) through orgasmic/sensual living. While there may be similarities, she assures us that there is a difference between what she practices, and being a life coach. She is currently pursuing further training in these fields. She also has done khemetic and tantric training through the Shakti Pati Tantric Guru Yoga system and she was instrumental in hosting a workshop facilitated by Saida Desilets in March last year. 

The birth of Katrina’s practice began approximately five years ago while seeking to heal herself after a physically, emotionally and spiritually abusive relationship. This is when she discovered the positive effects of the ancient practice of the Yoni egg ranging from its effect on toning vaginal muscles after pregnancy to the holistic approach of the lifestyle. This experience revealed the power of self love to her and not satisfied with just keeping all her knowledge for personal benefit, Katrina reached out to her social circles. She was also largely inspired by a dream she had where she was in a room full of women laughing and bonding, the floor glowing with vibrant colours and in the background, a silhouette of the Yoni egg. This image was the inspiration of the workshops she conducts.

These Glowing Goddesses workshops, or Playshops as she likes to call them, focus on educating women on the female anatomy, dealing with personal relationships, positive interactions between women and men, women and women and other opportunities to empower themselves. There are also practices of Yoni egg exercises, the art of orgasm and relaxation, the importance of kidney health, among others.

Katrina describes herself as; “A flamboyant, vibrant, orgasmic, sensual woman naturally.” She adds her signature flair of this authentic living to truly make Waves of Bliss and the AJKA unique.

Through the nature of what she does and our conservative society, she is met with some reluctance from potential clients, but Katrina is always poised to meet their questions. She was a contestant on the local television show “Bank On Me” which focused on up and coming entrepreneurs. “The experience was great,” she said, and she is thankful for the exposure and the great business tips she received during the workshops they provided. Her confidence speaks volumes and being a professional, she is ready to present her business proposal to any company.

Self love is paramount in the business because she advocates effective communication with yourself because once you have a good understanding of this you can transform other relationships. She has also seen phenomenal results in single women who have had medical issues ranging from cramping pains induced by the menstrual cycle, to dealing with fibroids, cysts and hormonal issues which are medically diagnosed.

She is the sole operator of the business currently, however within a year she is aspiring to hire some administrative staff, and in the very near future expand even more by training other women to do workshops both here in Barbados, and outside of the island. Katrina has been selected to attend the Women Innovators Network of the Caribbean’s Grow Your Business 3-day conference in St Lucia in April this year, which is sponsored by the World Bank.  She sees this opportunity as another outlet to solidify the infrastructure of her business and for valuable networking)

Most of her revenue comes through the workshops, private coaching and retailing the Yoni eggs. She is also looking to develop mother-daughter sessions since she believes in the importance of this information passing down correctly through family. She has also developing a program for teenagers with focus on self respect and dealing with the trend of rough sex and how damaging it is both physically and mentally.

The mother of four makes sure her children also know her business. She is raising sons who would be able to show a woman who she is if she does not know herself, and a daughter who understands love and demands self respect.

What Katrina does with Waves of Bliss is so fulfilling for her. It is her divine destiny. When she encounters the shock some people may experience when exposed to what she does she simply states, “We go to the gym, so what’s the problem with a little vaginal weight lifting? Being able to manipulate and control your vaginal muscles, along with other beautiful things…”

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