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On the list of the most difficult shoes to walk in, being a parent and business owner is probably the first. It’s one thing to juggle multiple responsibilities; it’s another to have the painful feeling at every moment that you’re not doing enough for your family or your business. You ask yourself; why isn’t there more time in the day? Why don’t I have enough energy to do everything? At the end of it, life can feel like a constant tug-o-war and you’re the rope. But rest-assured that if these are the shoes you have to walk in everyday, not all is lost. You can follow these principles to make life easier.

Get a Handle on Time

When you feel like there’s little time in the day, it’s usually because it gets lost somewhere else. Here’s what you can do to minimise time wastage.
Get rid of distractions. The internet is a serious time- killer for instance. One video turns into two until you’re binging for hours. Breaks are fine but stay within a timeframe. Set an alarm if needed.
Do what you can on weekends. It’s really easy to see weekends as strictly relax time but what if you worked for just a couple hours? Whether it’s cooking for the week or analysing spreadsheets, you can free up loads of time for the upcoming weekdays.

Skip the extras. Take eating out for lunch as an example. The time it takes to travel to the restaurant, get seated, order your food, eat, pay then head back to work is seriously too much. Save the time by packing lunch and eating at the office.

Organisation is Key

Sometimes we can be held prisoner by our own bad habits. One way to minimise those while aiding our time management skills is getting organised.
Use the night before to get tedious morning tasks out of the way. Pack the kids’ lunches. Iron their uniforms. You’ll find that the morning bustle is smooth sailing once those are out of the way.
Create schedules. Make sure everyone in the family clocks in their upcoming events and activities. This way you can better prepare for the week so you don’t miss your children’s extracurricular activities or forget to pay a bill that’s due.

Don’t forget to check your schedule periodically. When an event gets postponed, that means you have more time to share with your family.

Get Help

We all need a little help from time to time. We’re not superheroes. There’s a reason why those are fictional. Whether it’s a cleaning service to offload the chores or a nanny to help with the children, working as a team is always the best way.

Stop Feeling Guilty!

Most importantly of all, understand that you actually can’t do it all! A perfectly balanced life is impossible and trying to achieve it will drain you. If you become drained, both the relationship with your family and your decision making in the business will perish. Take the time to establish limits and remember to always take care of yourself.

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