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A picture is worth a thousand words. However, for some of us a bad photo can pretty much feel like our lives are ruined. We have curated some tips that will ensure you are photo-ready at all times. Especially at this time of the year where events are plentiful and so are photo opportunities.

  • DO find your light. Bad lighting can spoil any photo. Face the direction of the light whether artificial or sunlight. If you can avoid direct sunlight and stand in an area where the light is bouncing off of a surface that is even better because the light is softer and more flattering. For example, standing in a doorway facing the sunlight as opposed to in the sun. Another upside is you can look directly into the camera more comfortably without having to squint. My favourite time to shoot photos is what photographers dub “the golden hour”; the time just before sunset where the light is warmer and creates softer shadows.


  • DON’T hold your camera or phone right in front of you if you are taking a selfie. This angle is the least flattering. Instead, hold your device a little higher, angle it down and look up. The result is a slimmer on-camera appearance, no double chins and your outfit fits in the shot.


  • DO perfect your posture. This goes for both having your photo taken and selfies alike. Slouching and over-arching your back do not make for a good photo. Stand straight with relaxed shoulders, put a hand on your waist and experiment with how you position your feet. Try to create angles with your body so the photo does not appear one dimensional. For you ladies, a bonus tip is to wear heels; they elongate your legs and automatically help with your posture.


  • DO know your good side. It is not a myth – we all have one! Look at previous photos or take some test selfies; I guarantee you will notice which side of your face looks the most attractive. Just between us, mine is my right side. Knowledge is power and this is a big one so once you determine your best side and angles, work them!


  • DON’T overthink it. Loosen up, have fun and let your personality show. That is what it is all about, right? You want your character to shine through. Smile, laugh, try to exude confidence and the camera will capture that.


Deirdre Blackett is the owner and lead artist of Beauty by Dee Blackett and author of The Caribbean Woman’s Cosmetic Culture. She also focuses heavily on makeup education, product testing and is an avid beauty blogger.

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