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Makeup trends come and go but one that is here to stay is a flawless complexion.

Here are some skincare products that have had a great deal of buzz recently.

1)      Charcoal. We have seen some bigger brands incorporate this ingredient in cleansers and face masks recently. The dark colour of the formula may be off-putting compared to other standard cleansers, however the products boast a deep cleanse of the skin. Incorporating Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser has been one of the best decisions I have made recently. After the first cleanse I could tell the difference as my face felt cleaner. With two weeks of use, the improvement of my complexion and texture of my skin was remarkable.

2)      Bentonite Clay. The powder is easy to make into a face mask by creating a paste using either water or organic apple cider vinegar. The effectiveness of this product lies in the fact that when mixed with water, a mild electromagnetic charge is created. Using apple cider vinegar gives the mask astringent qualities which contributes to a clearer complexion over time. When applied to the skin it works to draw out impurities. Do not use metal utensils to mix the paste because that will deactivate the charge, rendering the mixture useless. While drying, you may experience a tingling or itchy sensation; this is the extraction of toxins from your skin. However, while the Bentonite draws out impurities it also pulls out moisture. Therefore, follow with a heavy moisturiser.

3)      Cleansing Water. This claims to eliminate the need to use a facial wash after.  I was riddled with scepticism; then I tried the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. This product has single-handedly changed the makeup remover arena. A few drops on a cotton round removes even waterproof mascara without excessive wiping which is perfect for use around the delicate eye area. I do suggest still using your favourite facial cleanser after but if you are in a pinch you could comfortably skip it.

4)      Brightening under eye creams. Whether under eye darkness is hereditary or a result of sleep deprivation, these creams work to reverse this condition. A brightening under eye cream will not only lighten the under eye but also strengthen the skin on that delicate area and reduce puffiness. Makeup artists and skincare enthusiasts have been raving about the Bio-Balance Brightening Eye Cream. I love this cream because it is light, a little goes a long way and it feels soothing when applied. I saw a vast improvement in about three weeks. My under eyes are brighter, and the cream also helped with the appearance of fine lines!

These are some of the trending skincare products at the moment. What skincare products are you interested in trying or cannot live without? Leave a comment on our social media. We would love to hear from you!

Deirdre Blackett is the owner and lead artist of Beauty by Dee Blackett and author of The Caribbean Woman’s Cosmetic Culture. She also focuses heavily on makeup education, product testing and is an avid beauty blogger.

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