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September 1st, 2016 will be exactly one year since I left my full-time job as an engineering employee. I have learnt so much in the past months, amidst triumphs and challenges. Continuing from last month’s article, let’s finish the list of ten things to consider before leaving your job.

6) Learn Off the Job

The late Jim Rohn once said “Formal education will make you a living, self-education will make you a fortune!”

Long before you become a wealthy person or a business owner, you have to first learn to think like a wealthy person or business owner. Make an investment in your personal development through books, training and seminars to strengthen your ‘knowledge assets’. Develop the habit and collect the resources while you have more financial stability.

7) Lay the Foundation

Getting started on your business is one of the best things you can do while you have a salary. I personally do not recommend taking the big leap based only on an idea, although it is still possible to be successful.

Get as many things related to your business done before you leave including legal work, equipment, software, licenses, training resources and of course, prototypes of your product or service.

8) Enjoy the Present

Sometimes, when we have decided in our hearts and minds that we desire a change, we can become disgruntled and dissatisfied with our present conditions. This naturally creates stress since the outer reality of our lives no longer aligns with our imagination of what we believe we should be doing.

It’s important to remember that we will only have the present once, and one day, it will all be nothing more than a memory, as change is guaranteed. Be thankful for where you are and enjoy the process.

9) Finding Faith & Finances

Of course, it is ideal to have the recommended minimum 3-6 months of buffer savings and a financial plan before making the transition to full-time entrepreneurship. However, understand that you may not reach your savings target, and it probably won’t last as long as you thought. Life happens.

A colleague once told me, “Greg, God will give you just enough money and just enough motivation to continue when you feel like quitting.” I found this to be true. Before resigning, I thought I was building my financial savings, but I later realized that I was really building my faith.

10) Finish with Pride

If you are considering leaving your job, it doesn’t mean that you should slack off until your last day. This will affect your reputation and is sure to follow you wherever you go. Word of Mouth is powerful!

Finish proudly as a true professional, and continue to improve your performance until the final day. You never know where life will take you, and I strongly recommend not burning any bridges. Be professional, and exit gracefully, even if you are internally ecstatic to escape your current situation.

Exit with Poise

In engineering and in life, the strongest structures and designs are those which are balanced. Leaving your job takes a blend of optimism with realism, courage with caution, hope and heartache, faith with fear, persistence with pain and control with chaos. Change can be a naturally daunting emotional roller-coaster, as we tend to be creatures of habit.

However, if you know you are capable of more, it is your duty to pursue the best version of yourself and remain mentally poised in the midst of uncertainty to do something that will benefit yourself, your family, your customers and your country, perhaps for generations to come.

I’ve made a checklist which you can collect for free at I hope this further serves you when the time inevitably comes for you to make the jump!


Gregory Skeete is an author, engineering professional, globally certified personal development specialist and founder of Pilly the Pelican and Life Engineer.

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