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There’s something absolutely phenomenal about merging the extraordinary with the traditional. An exchange occurs where the convenient but boring can sometimes seek to overthrow the exciting but risky. True experts of the arts understand that the perfect blend is created when both synchronise and neither overthrows. With 17 years of experience in event design under their belt, Renaissance Designs Inc. certainly is among those true experts. Having served some of the island’s most noteworthy events such as the Barbados Food & Wine and Rum Festival, Tipsy, The One Love Concert, BMEX and more…, they are launching a new initiative entitled the ‘Venue Series’. With it, not only do they plan to transform unconventional locations into beautiful spaces, they plan to blow your mind too.

For most, the idea of event decoration is simple; you find a venue and add a couple of decorative elements to beautify it. However, this misconception among many others is what birthed the ‘Venue Series’ to begin with. To Renaissance “a venue is any space at all.” It transcends the idea that it’s just about a bland room needing a special ‘something’. The venue can be anything from the ever-popular Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre to a place as unorthodox as a cave but decor is about transformation and ensuring that a venue reaches its full potential. Attaining these things however can sometimes prove challenging since each venue comes with its disadvantages. The ‘Venue Series’ will be like an open-window giving you a view of the entire process; from creative development and venue selection to final touches and all the issues that come along the way.

The choice of venue will come with critiques outlining the pros and cons of its selection and the team will expand upon a vast variety of decorating possibilities to accentuate the given space as well as provide feedback about their decision-making. While all of this occurs, there will be full industry accounts on how certain aspects to the venue can affect the final product and price. Furthermore, the ‘Venue Series’ wants to open your eyes to what a space can become. To do so, the team will be taking the odd and transforming it into the intriguing. Ever thought of converting a gloomy cave into a stunning cocktail party? That and more are on the agenda for your viewing pleasure. Rest assured traditional venues will also be included as Renaissance creates unique experiences regardless of the space.

The up and coming ‘Venue Series’ is not one to be missed. Renaissance Designs wants you to see that a venue can be any space just waiting to be tailored and transformed into what is surging within your imagination. The series will be serving you real advice about the reality of that imagination and all that you need to consider to push your event to the next level.


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