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This may sound old fashioned, but creating lists (whether on paper or digitally ) is a great way of getting a realistic picture of what needs to be done for the day. Seeing the tasks outlined will help you to allocate your time accordingly.


  1. SAY NO!

Sounds pretty harsh, but once you have created your list, avoid being sidetracked by last minute requests. Going off course can stop you from meeting your targets and may cause undue stress. Encourage your team members and/or manager to advise you in advance of the items they need completed – only take on projects that are absolutely unavoidable.



Seems pretty obvious but most people fail at efficiently carrying this out.  Examine your goals or tasks, determine which ones are the most urgent  and plan accordingly.  Having a board or your list posted in a visible area will keep you focused from day to day.



Trust me! This tip will save you plenty of time especially if you are running late for work. For example, planning your outfits and meals for the week ahead.



Don’t have a heart attack…you read that correctly. I know it seems impossible as some of you are always glued to your phone to the point where it seems to be a part of your anatomy. I’ve been there. This addiction can cause you to be distracted and can severely limit productivity. You can check Facebook to look at one post and end up scrolling and clicking for hours… (slight confession).

You get the point – put the phone down until you are nearing the end of your list.


  1. SLEEP

Get some rest. For those of us who were taught that sleep is just a concept in college, that is a myth! A good night’s rest will leave you feeling invincible in the morning.



Look, I hate going to the gym as much as everyone else …but maintaining my health is important because I am less efficient if I am sick. Exercising for at least 30 minutes, four times a week will reduce stress and keep you a healthy endorphin filled powerhouse.



This has to be my go to tip for productivity! If you are like me and live by a good playlist, try downloading some of your favorite songs to keep you going throughout the day.

My go-to playlists are from DJ Private Ryan…(Yes GAWD!)



Waking up earlier .Sometimes you feel as though you don’t have enough hours in your day but getting that extra hour in to work on your tasks can make a world of difference.


  1. 1 GOOGLE IT

Why try to reinvent the wheel? Let me tell you, whatever you are struggling with, there is a solution somewhere out there. Google will help you to find what you need and you can tailor it to your situation…


Jameela Hollingsworth is a Human Resources Practitioner, Career Consultant and Millennial HR Blogger. She is the Chief Executive Officer of The HR Boss, an online career resource for Caribbean Millennials.

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